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Transweld Nepal is one of the leading professionally run Transformer manufacturing company in Nepal situated in Kathmandu Valley. The company’s founder was late Mr. J. B. Shrestha (Nepal most senior & highly experienced Electrical engineer) established transformer manufacturing unit in 1989 and later renamed & established Transweld Nepal Pvt Ltd in 1995 in Kathmandu.

Transweld has a capacity of manufacturing 5 KVA to 2000 KVA of 11 KV & 33 KV distribution transformer as per the latest IEC 76, IS 2026 & other equivalent international standards if requested by customers. Transweld has already manufactured more than 7000 units of various rated distribution transformer and installed successfully all over Nepal including industries, Hydro Powers, Micro Hydro Powers, Embassies Hotels, Hospitals, H. M. G., Telecom, construction companies, Business Houses, Commercial Buildings, Housing, Trading Companies, Rural Electrification Projects, Electricity utilities, NEA rapair & maintenance works & other sectors.


Transweld’s designs are carefully prepared to meet stringent requirement of the prevailing standards and specific requirements of the customers. The company’s guiding factor is to ensure long trouble-free service through special care in manufacturing process and management process. The design meets the stringent requirement of various tests and also special tests desired by the customers.


Transweld uses imported low loss, fuly annealed, cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO), non-ageing silicon steel sheets (Grade 23-MOH, ASIS standard) insulated on both sides. The latest techniques of interleaving and mitered joints reduce the core losses and no load currents considerably. The rigid box type frame specially manufactured by the company for clamping the core makes the whole structure rigid.


Transweld uses round enameled copper wire & paper covered rectangular copper strip to make HV & LV coils as required by the designed. HV & LV winding machines are used to wound coils. Special care is taken not to damage insulation of wires while wounding the coils.

Active Parts Assembly

After the firm adhered silicon steel core was dried it will be carefully assembled with the low voltage and high voltage winding coil so that the top yoke of core will be assembled corresponding with the legs of core and never damage bruise the coil at all hereto a wedge and a clamp are applied to support and hold the coil into the core-prior to installed a tap changer and other component. The Transweld  transformer will undergo drying process.

drying & Transformer oil filling

To increase transformer quality, Transweld has provide oven for active parts drying process and vacuum for oil filling. Thus the whole humidity and air bubbles will be dispersed away under such vacuum condition which assures transformer quality.

Tank Fabrication & Painting

The tanks are fabricated from mild steel electrically welded suitable bracing and stiffeners are provided for robust construction. Enough cooling radiators made from corrugated fins are provided to maintain the temperature rise within specified limits. The inside walls are painted with primer and varnished while outer surface is painted with epoxy based zinc chromate primer and coats of duco paint of dark grey shade. All tanks are pressure tested before living the fabrication shop of factory.

Transformers oil

Transweld uses mineral oil made as per BS 148:1984 IEC 296 standard. The transformers oil shall be high quality, clean, and free from moisture.


The bushing shall be made of homogeneous and well vitrified porcelain. The color of the insulator shall be brown and the surface shall have polished glaze.

Tap changer

Tap changer is incorporated in the transformer to change voltage output if input voltage is varying. Off-circuit 5 positions Tap changer is used.

Testing & Quality Control

Every Transweld distribution transformer is produced under strict supervision as per ISO 9001:2008 quality management  systems. Such process starts with strict inspection of every incoming materials to final products by trained persons. Every transformer has to undergo  following measurement and tests prior to delivery (routine tests).

  • Measurement of winding resistance
  • measurement of voltage ratio test
  • measurement of insulation resistance
  • measurement of no load loss, load loss and impedance
  • excitation current test
  • induced potential test
  • polarity and phase relation test
  • applied potential test
  • Oil & leakage test


  • T. & L. T. bushing
  • Tap changer & drain valve
  • dehydrating breather
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Oil level indicator
  • Lifting lugs & Earth terminal
  • name Plate
  • Bi-direction wheels

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