Transweld’s designs are carefully prepared to meet stringent requirement of the prevailing standards. The company's guiding factor is to insure long trouble-free service through special care in manufacturing and management process. The product is designed according to individual factors such as voltage, power, climate and many more, and meets the requirement of various tests.


Transweld uses low loss, cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) magnetic silicon steel sheets from internationally reputed brands. (CNC cut-to -size annealed cores with precise dimensions, burr-free edge for core integrity increasing the transformer's reliability.) The cores are then assembled. The assembled cores are tested for pre no load losses before core-coil assembly process.


Amorphous core significantly reduces core losses which is about 65-75%.

Transweld has started manufacturing Amorphous metal core type distribution transformers alongside the conventional silicon steel core type distribution transformers.

Amorphous metal exhibits a unique random molecular structure unlike the rigid grain structure of the silicon steel. This, in turn, enables easy magnetization & demagnetization, thereby reducing hysteresis loss. Further processing of amorphous metal in very thin lamination (approximately 1/10th of silicon steel lamination thickness) enables significant reduction in eddy current losses.

Advantages of Amorphous Metal Transformers over Transformers with CRGO Silicon Steel:
  • The thickness of Amorphous Metal is 0.025mm against CRGO silicon sheet steel thickness 0.23-0.3 mm. Lesser in thickness in sheet results in lower eddy current loss
  • Random molecular structure of amorphous metal causes less friction than CRGO when a magnetic field is applied. This allows easy magnetization and demagnetization significantly lowers hysteresis losses, thus amorphous core significantly reduces core losses which is about 65-75%
  • Saves energy and therefore reduces greenhouse gases and other pollution
  • Excellent option to reduce distribution losses and improve efficiency
  • Superior electrical performance under harmonic condition. Possible to improve power quality and mitigate harmonics
  • Lower temperature rise, slower deterioration of insulations and hence longer life
  • Increase in use of power electronics has resulted in considerable amount of higher harmonics distortion in electrical power system.Higher frequency harmonics lead to increase in transformer core losses whereas amorphous alloy provides lower loss under high frequency
  • Easy for repair and replacement of coil

Transweld uses round enameled copper wire and triple paper covered rectangular copper strips to make HV / LV coils as required by the design. Latest HV and LV winding machines are used to wound coils. Special care is taken not to damage insulation of wires while wounding the coils.


The core-coil assembly are placed in an oven to improve insulation resistance and remove accumulated moisture. The dried core-coil assembly are tanked and filled with high quality, clean, dry and tested oil. (IEC 296 standard)


The tanks are fabricated from mild steel electrically welded suitable bracing and stiffeners are provided for robust construction. Enough cooling radiators made from corrugated fins are provided to maintain the temperature rise within specified limits. The inside walls are painted with primer and varnished while outer surface is painted with epoxy based zinc chromate primer and coats of enamel paint of dark grey shade. All tanks are pressure tested before leaving the fabrication shop of factory.


Transweld uses mineral oil made as per BS 148:1984 IEC 296 standard. The transformers oil shall be high quality, clean, and free from moisture.


Off-circuit 7 position tap changer is incorporated in the transformer to provide a constant output voltage to avoid fluctuation. OLTC (On Load Tap Changer) can be provided upon customer requirement.

  • HT & LT bushing
  • Tap changer & drain valve
  • Dehydrating breather
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Oil level indicator
  • Lifting lugs & Earth terminal
  • Name Plate
  • Bi-direction wheels
Testing & quality Control

Every Transweld distribution transformer is produced under strict supervision as per ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems. Such process starts with strict inspection of every incoming material to final products by trained personnel. Every transformer has to undergo following measurement and tests prior to delivery (routine tests). Measurement of winding resistance

  • Measurement of voltage ratio test
  • Measurement of insulation resistance
  • Measurement of no load loss, load loss
  • and impedance
  • Excitation current test
  • Induced potential test
  • Polarity and phase relation test
  • Applied potential test
  • Oil & leakage test

After Sales Services

Transweld transformers are backed by prompt post-sales service carried out by our after sales and service department managed by highly skilled and experienced technicians. Product service technicians visit the customers site annually to check the performance of the transformers. This service continues even after the warranty period. On call service is also provided.

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